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at the print company

Several people and sponsors believed in this work.
In this section you can have a hint of the people involved, the work behind the scene, the effort and passion we put in every process...

#GRAFICART, Resana-Treviso

Working with some of the best professionals of the print industry in Italy has been a honour and pleasure! Thanks to all of you!


If it wasn't for architect G. Perissinotto and his marvellous staff and studio this beautiful work wouldn't be real...

Thanks guys! See video here

It came out to be not a catalogue but a true handmade, handcrafted diary of a journey throu forests, branches, seeds and again BACK TO THE ROOTS.

The pics cannot tell you the smell of the paper, the touchy cover, the beauty of the handmade binding...

You can enjoy the free online copy of BACK TO THE ROOTS and, if you fall in love, please order.

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