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My journey is made of roots, branches, leaves and fruits...  It all started in 1999. Year in which I travelled and  lived  between green lush countries of North Europe

and barren deserts of North Africa where life clutches at every last drop of humidity...


NATURAE  with (Diocesan Museum Feltre-Belluno, IT)


Solo Show, Padua Art Fair

Arborealists Group Show, St. Ives, UK

Arborealists Group Show, Frome, Somerset, UK

Open Studios Architects, 3ndy Studio, Venice

The Big Box, Lab on landscape, Fuori Salone Milan, Tortona @ Hortensia

Solo Show, Giardinity, Flower and Garden Festival at Villa Pisani Scalabrin, Vescovana, Padua

Group Show, A Secret garden, RvB Art Gallery, Rome

Solo Show, Trees stories, Cultural Space S. Gaetano, Padua City Gallery


Solo show, Al Fresco Garden, From seed to tree, Milan

Solo Show, Paratissima Art Fair, Turin

Solo show, Motherhood of the forests , Rimoldi Modern Art Museum, Cortina d'Ampezzo

Group show, 39 giri {...e sei minuti}, FUORI SALONE, Hortensia, Tortona Dstr.- Milan

Solo Show, Affordable Art Fair, Milan AAF

Solo Show, Lab2021, Cortina d'Ampezzo

Solo Show, The garden factory, Schio, Vicenza


Solo show,  Fiera d'Arte Contemporanea, Padova

Solo show, Alberi e pigne, Legni e Progetti, Asiago

Group, One night show, Studio Appy, Stutgard

Preview, Motherhood of the forests, Zardini Museum, Cortina d'Ampezzo


Solo show, Imago Architecture and Design Studio, Treviso
Solo show, Trees, Occhio Art Gallery, Venezia
Solo show,  Contemporary Art Fair, Padova
Solo show,  Banca Generali, Vicenza
Solo show, Museo del Giocattolo, OIC Padova
Solo show,  La fabbrica del Giardino, Schio
Group, MMF Galerie, Parigi
Group, MMF Galerie, S. Paul de Vence, Francia
Solo show,  Last works, Hotel Capo Nord 5*, Rovigo

Solo show,  Art Fair, Padova


Solo show, Trees, L'Occhio Galleria d'Arte, Venice

Solo show, Abitare il Tempo, Fiera Verona

Solo show, Latest works, Centro Merville, Jesolo, Venice

Solo show, Contemporary Art Fair, Padova


Solo show, Ancient gardens, Villa Ducale, Mira, Venezia

Solo show, Gardens, Museum Callegari, Arquà Petrarca, Padova

Solo show, Alberi, Galleria24 Dolo, Venezia

Solo show, Fiera d'Arte Contemporanea, Padova


Solo show, Under the tree, Wannabee Gallery, Milano

International Art Fair Innsbruck, Austria

Solo show, Fiera Arte Antiquaria Padova

Solo show, Giardini dipinti, Galleria CremonaBooks, Cremona

Solo show, Alberi, Trees, Baum, Galleria Adler, Bressanone, Bolzano

Solo show, Antiqua Fiera Arte, Trieste

Solo show,  Fiera d'Arte Contemporanea, Padova



Solo show, Richiamo della Foresta, Museo di Villa Pisani, Stra, Padova

Solo show, Alberi Boschi Foreste, Galleria Civica Brunico, Bolzano

Solo show, Fiera Internazionale Arte Contemporanea Innsbruck, Austria

Solo show, Galleria Questarte, Padova



International Art Fair Innsbruck, Austria

Solo show, Celebrating trees through art, Galleria Civica Brunico, Bolzano

Solo show, Fiera Antiquaria, Trieste

Solo show, Immaginaria Arte Fiera, Reggio Emilia


Solo show, International Art Fair, Innsbruck, Austria (5 yrs)

Solo show, Immaginaria Arte Fiera, Reggio Emilia (6 yrs)

Permanent, Galleria Questarte, Padova (2 yrs)

Solo show, Fiera d'Arte Contemporanea, Padova (2 yrs)

Solo show, Fiera Arte Contemporanea, Brescia

Solo show, Alberi, Galleria Civica, Salò - Brescia

Preziosa, Arte Fiera, Bolzano (2yrs)

Group exhibit, Natura dentro, with O. De Lucchi, M. Massagrande, Civic Gallery Brunico, Bolzano

Group exhibit, Fiera Internazionale Arte Contemporanea, Vienna, Austria

Contemporary Art Fair , Bolzano (3 yrs)

II prize, Painting Contest Villa Farsetti - Venice

VI prizePainting Contest Villa Farsetti - Venice

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