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My daily job is based on collecting, observing, assembling, associating ... plants, skins, surfaces, seeds, smells, sounds, lines, materials... and see the effects that they bring to the soul, the roles they play to my mind, the associations and the pleasure they bring to my brain. Then, I try to distill the essence of biology, scientific data, natural aspects to transform them in a work of art.


2002- 2010

Degree in Education at Padua University. Perfectioning in International Cooperation. Studies in Anthropology, Venice University. Fullbright Assistant Professor at Wheaton College, MA (USA). 

Grants recipient: FULLBRIGHT (USA), UNESCO (Rome), LEONARDO (Ireland).


Most relevant SOLO exhibits:
Tree stories (Cultural Centre S Gaetano, Padua 2018);
Motherhood of the forests (Museum Rimoldi, Cortina 2018); The Landscape Festival for FAI (Villa Vescovi, Padua, 2018); Tre-escape (Fuori Salone Milan, Hortensia, 2018); 39 giri e 6 minuti (Hortensia, Fuori Salone, Milan, 2017); Gardens (Museo Callegari, Arquà Petrarca, Padua 2016); Trees (Art Gallery l'Occhio Venezia 2016), Il richiamo della Foresta (Villa Pisani Museum, Stra, 2015)

AAM Art Gallery PARIS; AAM Gallery S. Paul de Vence; Member of the Arborealists, UK. Innsruck and Wien Art Fairs.


Most relevant exhibits with former project Officinadidue:

Arte Sella, Allegrini Prize, Kunst Merano Art, Trauttmansdorf Botanical Gardens Meran, University Botanical Garden of Padua, Albarella Art Museum Island, Feltre and Belluno Diocesan Museum, Naturae Festival Aku, Industrie Fluviali Rome...

Written texts  by: Tiziano Fratus, Telmo Pievani, Ottorino del Lucchi, Matteo Melchiorre, Davide Pettenella, Lucia Mayer, Andrea Bettini, Gabriele Scorzoni., Pierantonio Tanzola (video-interview).

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