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39 turns ( and 6 minutes) - FUORI SALONE,  MILAN 2017

Tree stump on board, branch, hifi, wooden cabin 2x3m, sound file, engine, lights

The title of this installation, "39 turns and 6 minutes" condenses the life of a tree in a 6- minutes soundtrack.

Presented at Fuori Salone in Milan in April 2017.


In this work I imagined the sounds connected to a plant's life from rooting to germination (you can hear the soil cracking), from the sounds of the leaves in the wind to a thunderstorm that condemns the death of the tree crashing to the ground.

But the minuscule insects know how to transform the dead tree into something vivific again.

And the cycle starts over.

39 GIRI are the tree rings, its life, a sequel of experiences, history...They instintively lead to music in an imaginery wooden - vynil. About 40 cm diameter, about 40 years, as I am. It's is Nature that wants you to listen.

The tree is in a house-box that gathers and welcomes and amplifies and spiritualizes what we want to say.

And {... SIX MINUTES}?

It represents the temporal dimension, the time lapse. Those 270 files I chose and that Alberto Marcuzzo, a young talented Venetian Sound Producer,  mixed together to recreate the experiences the tree went thought.

Declined and blended together, those natural sounds give back a story with no beginning nor end - as life in itself-  from the sprout to the branches, throught heat and storms, it becomes humus and house for insects, to become again something else.​ The armony of the artwork is perceivable in this special garden that nobody but Alice could possibly live.

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